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We have successfully created a much needed virtual ‘place to go’ on Facebook for families that have endured or indeed are undergoing hardship and ill health. A place that we never found when we were facing our trauma. A place where those who survive share their stories to give courage to others who may be currently living through their nightmare. Survivors Malta is that place.

Jacob’s dream is to own a coffee shop. A place to meet where everyone will be welcome, but there is a twist. He wants it to also be a haven for families that are facing trauma. An actual place for them to go! Through Survivors Malta we physically meet with fellow Survivors and have witnessed first hand that when Survivors meet it is always great medicine. We visit sick patients and their families at Mater Dei and Karin Grech Rehab Hospital. All ask us the same question. Do you have a place where we can go?!

Our family run business will be called JACOB’S BREW and we will implement a PAY IT FORWARD initiative whereby paying customers will be given a token with their bill offering free flowing coffee to pass on to another family going through a trauma who they feel may need a coffee and a chat ; perhaps to a family with a sick loved one or to a complete stranger that they meet in the waiting area at the hospital ; someone … anyone who is facing hardship. That coffee would mean so much more to them!

At the coffee shop we will also have SURVIVORS MALTA get together’s where Survivors will actually meet. Always great medicine!

NGO’s will be invited to hold fund raising initiatives at the coffee shop. Perhaps even use the coffee shop as a venue to hold talks to highlight the work that they do throughout the year.

At this stage it is only just a pipe dream, but dreams do come true and we, as a family will do our utmost to make this dream become a reality and you will see Jacob’s dream unfold!!!!

Createdby: James Doe
Completed on: 17th March 2015
Skills: HTML5 / PHP / CSS3
Client Name: Google



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