Project Info:

Families who visit their loved ones day in day out ; attending an appointment ; perhaps awaiting news of a diagnosis ; receiving treatment ; going for an operation ; as they drive up to the Hospital the dread and the anxiety can be unbearable.

On route we see various bill boards and graffiti sending out their message to the oncoming vehicles. Why not make that message one of inspiration and motivation?! A Survivors Malta graffiti!

We have been advised to contact the Malta Transport Authority to obtain permission to paint a Survivors Malta wall art on one of the walls of the tunnel leading up to the Hospital. We have contacted the MTA to inquire about  the procedure to obtain the necessary permission to carry out this Project in order to accomplish our goal. So far there has been no response, but we do not give up that easily!

Watch this space!!!

Createdby: James Doe
Completed on: 17th March 2015
Skills: HTML5 / PHP / CSS3
Client Name: Google



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