Project Info:

Last year we worked closely with the authorities at the Hospital on a project that we have aptly named REUNITED whereby patients can meet with their pet dogs in a serene conservatory like designated area which will be set up on the grounds of the hospital.

The project has been approved by all departments concerned and we have been given the go ahead to set it up! 

We teamed up with JCI MALTA to set up a crowd funding campaign in February 2016 to collect funds in order to finance the Reunited Pet Cabin at Mater Dei Hospital. The public response was amazing and the funding a success, only strengthening our belief that this project is much needed and will ultimately be a success. 

We are now waiting for works to begin. Once the Reunited Pet Cabin is set up it will also be used to house other pet related projects such as pet therapy for the patients.

From our own personal experience we know that this project will be more than beneficial to the patients and speed up the healing process greatly. It will bring so much joy to so many families and is a Project that we hold close to our heart. We like to compare it to a ray of sunshine on a rainy day for families facing trauma!!

You can visit our Facebook page Reunited Pet Cabin for the latest updates 🙂

Createdby: James Doe
Completed on: 17th March 2015
Skills: HTML5 / PHP / CSS3
Client Name: Google



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