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This photo has inspired many!! It captures the triumphant moment when a teenage boy who was told that he may never walk again combatted his fears and defiantly climbed the Renzo Piano Stairs in Valletta. My son Jacob AKA Titanium Man called his victory his “Rocky moment!!

A photo can speak a thousand words. It can send out a message. A message to NEVER GIVE UP!! A message that LIFE GOES ON!! A message that shouts out YES I AM ALIVE!!” …and who better to deliver it than from someone who has survived!

Over 50 Survivors of various illnesses and conditions in our support group Survivors Malta have volunteered to appear in 12 vibrant photos showing that there is life after a trauma….all with one purpose …. to motivate and inspire!

The Survivors Malta Calendar 2017 is not about make up or hairstyles or fancy clothes. It is 12 real photos of real people captivating their triumph and victory as they overcome their challenges to turn the What If’s into the Why Not’s!!!

10 of the 12 photographs have been taken by stroke survivor Joe Costa. Conrad Neil Gatt of Cngfotography and Mark Testa of Testa & Tesmar Photography took the other two photos. James Cutajar and Roderick Pace of Delta Media Services have designed the Calendar and Bestprint Malta have printed the Calendars which will be distributed to all leading stationaries and shops all over the Island by Miller Distributors from October through to December 2016.

A special thank you goes to our sponsors who helped cover the costs of the printing; St James Hospital Limited, Methode Electronics, JP Advertising, GSD and Cngfotography. My family also contributed towards the printing costs in the name of our support group Survivors Malta.

We will donate all proceeds collected up until 20th December from the sales of the Calendars at L-Istrina 2016, which if all goes well will be quite a substantial amount and besides the monetary value that day we will also be sending out a very positive inspiring message to not just families facing trauma, but to everyone who sees us. After all in today’s world who doesn’t need Inspiration!!

You can visit our Facebook page Survivors Malta Calendar for more information 🙂

Createdby: James Doe
Completed on: 17th March 2015
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