13 Apr 2018


OUR MISSION As a mother I have made it my mission to keep the smile upon my son Jacob ‘s face. Since the moment he came out of his coma surviving a severe brain infection, 2 major haemorrhages, 2 bouts in ITU and 4 life threatening brain surgeries which left him with extensive brain damage […]

12 Apr 2018


A project entrusted to our NGO Survivors Malta; Jacob’s Coffee Run was launched in January 2018, delivering free sandwiches and beverages to families in the waiting area at ITU. We know only too well how much this will mean to the countless families facing trauma there!! Unfortunately we cannot promise a happy ending and we definitely cannot […]

10 Apr 2018


Last year we worked closely with the authorities at the Hospital on a project that we have aptly named REUNITED whereby patients can meet with their pet dogs in a serene conservatory like designated area which will be set up on the grounds of the hospital. The project has been approved by all departments concerned and we […]

01 Jan 2017


This photo has inspired many!! It captures the triumphant moment when a teenage boy who was told that he may never walk again combatted his fears and defiantly climbed the Renzo Piano Stairs in Valletta. My son Jacob AKA Titanium Man called his victory his “Rocky moment!! A photo can speak a thousand words. It […]

04 Sep 2016


I shared my joy as my “challenged” teenage son successfully reached yet another milestone along his journey to recovery. The response was overwhelming. Behind the scenes I received private messages from other parents who shared my fears and anxieties for their teenage children struggling to reintegrate and belong!! Youths that have fallen between the cracks. […]

01 Mar 2016


My son Jacob has been telling me to tell his story since ITU fighting for his life. Back in those dark days when all seemed lost I would tell my son that he would live to be an old man sitting on a bench telling the amazing story of how he had lived. I would […]

20 Jan 2016


Families who visit their loved ones day in day out ; attending an appointment ; perhaps awaiting news of a diagnosis ; receiving treatment ; going for an operation ; as they drive up to the Hospital the dread and the anxiety can be unbearable. On route we see various bill boards and graffiti sending out their […]