Our Story So Far…..
14 Apr 2018

Our Story So Far…..


Jacob’s Brew Cafe has now been open in Marsascala for 8 months. As a business we are doing well with regular customers coming back time and again, but there is so much more to the shop than just serving coffee.

We are donating a percentage of our profits from sales at the shop to fund projects carried out by our support group/NGO Survivors Malta to help families facing trauma. Projects such as Jacob’s Coffee Run and The Reunited Pet Cabin.

We have the PAY IT FORWARD initiative at the shop whereby we stamp the receipts of our customers with our pay it forward logo and tell them to pass it on to a family in need so that they come to our shop and we welcome them in with a free pot of coffee or tea and offer them support through Survivors Malta!

We also have successfully established community projects at the shop. To date we have The Tessie Montebello Book Club, Craft&Coffee For Charity and the Game On Board Games Club….all designed to encourage social interaction.

And we have only just begun. The best is yet to come!!!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our patrons for believing in us and ultimately helping us to continue to help others 😊😊😊

Photo credits to Mark Zammit Cordina