Celebrating the miracle of life 😊
04 Sep 2016

Celebrating the miracle of life 😊


We went to visit the shrine at Ta Pinu in Gozo to give thanks and to offer Jacob’s framed story. It is a very humbling experience reading all the stories written by families of Survivors or the Survivors themselves who were given a second chance at life. So many inspiring stories. So many unsung heroes and now my son is amongst them 😊

This is what I wrote in the hope to give strength to other families still facing their trauma :

“My son Jacob is disabled. He wasn’t born that way. He was left with a hemiplegia (partial paralysis on the left side of his body) after contracting a brain infection at the age of 15 in February 2013.He withstood 2 bouts in ITU fighting for his life. Besides the brain infection he suffered 2 haemorrhages and underwent 3 life threatening brain surgeries. We were told to prepare for the worst, but to the doctors amazement and against all odds Jacob lived.

Many of my family and friends visited Ta’ Pinu to pray for my son throughout our trauma and when my son was well enough we ourselves gave thanks for my son’s remarkable recovery.

My son told me that he had seen Jesus standing over his bed for a brief moment before He walked away just before Jacob awoke from his coma.When he woke up Jacob reached for my rosary beads that were hanging around my neck hidden underneath my zipped Jacket!! There was no way of him knowing that they were there!!I truly believe that Jesus was and still is watching over my son each and every day pushing him forward in all that he achieves.

They say everything happens for a reason and I believe that we have found that reason.Β Our family went on to use our traumatic experience for the good so as to help others.We created a patient/family support group on Facebook called Survivors Malta to reach out to other families facing a trauma. Our mission is for Survivors to find each other. We believe that Survivors meeting Survivors is always great medicine. Our group has proved that it really does work.

Jacob has become fondly known as Titanium Man in the media after the missing half of his skull bone was replaced with a titanium plate in March 2014.

I also wrote a book JACOB – MY TITANIUM MAN telling my family’s story of how we survived our trauma to inspire all who need to read it.

Jacob has become a beacon of hope to the sick and inspires many with his positive outlook on life sending out a message to never give up!

And this is the message that I want to send out to all of you who read this letter today.

Thank you for reading and God bless you all.

Sarah Cachia”