George Tal-Muzew :)
11 Jun 2016

George Tal-Muzew :)


Here I am with George ‘tal-Muzew’ 🙂 George doesn’t have Facebook. I don’t think he even uses internet, but he has still touched the hearts of so many families. I think that’s amazing 🙂 🙂
For years he has been going to the hospital at outpatients and in the wards. He gives words of comfort and offers a prayer to families that have health problems. His words always gives them courage and makes them smile and that is always good medicine 🙂
Even though he isn’t well himself and has problems walking he still keeps on with his mission to brighten up peoples lives. He definitely is an inspiration to me and I was so happy when I bumped into him at Mater Dei Hospital this week and mum asked him if we could take a photo together. I was proud to stand by the side of this great man 😉 😉