There is always a way :)
28 Apr 2016

There is always a way :)

Due to his disability Jacob usually struggles to wear his shoes as he cannot manipulate his toes to put them into the shoe and with the use of only one hand he needs help to tie his shoe laces. We needed to find a way to overcome this dilemma. We thought long and hard and decided to have his existing shoes adjusted and now with the 2 side zip flaps they allow the shoe to open up fully at the top without having to undo the laces which in turn allows his foot to slide in with ease even with the foot brace (AFO) in place and so giving him a new found independence!!
We decided to share this here after the incredible response we received when we posted about our success on Facebook forum “Are You Being Served?” with countless private messages from thankful people who face such challenges grateful that there can be an easy solution to their struggles.
If anyone is interested we had his shoes altered at Joe Farrugia Shoe Designer in Qormi. Joe did a fantastic job and delivered service with a smile. Just the way we like it  🙂 🙂 🙂