21 Jun 2017

Malta Unesco Youth Association


I recently travelled to Portugal on a youth exchange which was organised by MUYA (Malta Unesco Youth Association) and funded by Erasmus+ Travelling without my family was yet another big step forward for me in gaining full independence and I feel very proud that I achieved my goal, but I couldn’t have done it without […]

05 Apr 2017

My Dream


I have been very busy in the past months. A lot has been happening in my life. I am doing a Management course at Global College. I really enjoy it and I am already nearly half way there to getting my diploma 🙂 🙂 In the meantime mum and dad have been very busy too […]

04 Sep 2016

Celebrating the miracle of life 😊


We went to visit the shrine at Ta Pinu in Gozo to give thanks and to offer Jacob’s framed story. It is a very humbling experience reading all the stories written by families of Survivors or the Survivors themselves who were given a second chance at life. So many inspiring stories. So many unsung heroes […]

11 Jun 2016

George Tal-Muzew :)


Here I am with George ‘tal-Muzew’ 🙂 George doesn’t have Facebook. I don’t think he even uses internet, but he has still touched the hearts of so many families. I think that’s amazing 🙂 🙂 For years he has been going to the hospital at outpatients and in the wards. He gives words of comfort and offers a prayer to families […]

28 Apr 2016

There is always a way :)


Due to his disability Jacob usually struggles to wear his shoes as he cannot manipulate his toes to put them into the shoe and with the use of only one hand he needs help to tie his shoe laces. We needed to find a way to overcome this dilemma. We thought long and hard and decided to […]

17 Apr 2016

Taking the next step forward …….


We have always compared our support group Survivors Malta to entering a room full of people that SURVIVED ; people that lived through a trauma to tell the tale of their survival to those that need to hear it. A room filled with positivity, euphoria and inspiration!! Now imagine entering that room when you and […]

13 Apr 2016

My inspirations:


Lately I’ve been inspired by Nick Vujicic and Sean Stephenson to become a motivational speaker so I’ve decided to share a few links about them here so you guys can feel the same about them: Google search about Nick Google search about Sean I really do hope that you’ll be inspired by them as much […]